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Heart-shaped hotpad/potholder tutorial

Heart-shaped hotpad/potholder tutorial

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Every time I sit down to show someone how to make something that I just “came up with” in my sewing room, I have an even greater respect for the men and women who design quilts and projects. It’s not easy writing down instructions that are understandable. Well, at least for me, it’s a challenge. So this is less a tutorial and more a progression of photos that I took while making a heart shaped hotpad. By the way, this took about 30 minutes to make the first one. Once I get an assembly line going, I think I could make 6 in an hour.

download1. First I had to make a heart shape that would fit my hand. It turned out kind of big, because I have large-ish hands. I folded a piece of copy paper and made a rough, half-heart shape around my 4 fingers.

download22. Prepare the top part of the mitt. Sew 2 rectangles together, one the focus or top fabric with an accent fabric. You’ll only see a little bit of the accent. Do 2 of these. Mine were 5.5×7.5″. Depends on how big your heart shape is. Press seam toward the accent fabric. (in this case, the green is the accent)

download33. Fold and press so that the accent fabric (the green) shows about 3/8″. This will look like you went to the effort of making a binding! Sneaky, sneaky. I forgot to take a picture of the next step, but I’m sure you can figure it out. After pressing so there is a good crease, I inserted a piece of cotton batting, inside against the fold.

download44. Top-stitch through all layers in the ditch. See how that looks like binding now? So sneaky

download65. Prepare the base of the hotpad. Make a quilt sandwich: hotpad focus fabric, cotton batting or insulbrite. Optional: quilt a grid or free-motion quilt to hold the layers together. On this one, since it was my first prototype, I just quilted around a few flowers. Then, Cut out the heart shape using your paper heart pattern.

download76. Measure in 2″ from the point on the heart on both sides.

download87. Take your 2 prepared rectangle piece from steps 1-3 and lay them on top of the quilted heart piece. Pin in the center where you won’t be stitching.

download98.  Turn it over and stitch around the heart hotpad about 1/4.”

download109.  Trim off the excess. I had a lot to trim because I was making this first prototype and my rectangle pieces were really big.

download1110.  This picture may really confuse you. I didn’t think about the final step when I layered my heart hotpad so you see the backing fabric instead of batting. That’s fine. It’ll just make an extra layer. I used just one layer of cotton batting between the first heart hotpad, and felt it was a little thing, so during this step, I added some Thinsulbrite. Thoroughly confused now? I’ll clear this all up when I do a proper tutorial. Anyway, layer your backing piece and hotpad, right sides together. Hint: The side with the 2 pieces that have the sneaky binding, is the right side. Sew around leaving an opening on one long side to turn.

download1211. Turn and Voila! You have a clever heart-shaped hotpad/potholder!



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